03 August 2013 @ 04:29 pm
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This is the place for all things TJR

You have fan art (or other stuff) that's related to Tommy Joe Ratliff and you don't know where to post it? Or let's be more specific: You don't know any other place than your own journals, tumblrs and AO3 accs?

Well, then this is the RIGHT place for you!

Whatever it is that you have: a fanfic, gifs, icons, wallpapers, a pic spam or just that one pic that you're drooling all over like WHOA? POST IT!Or a banner, a header, an interview that you found somewhere, a video etc...as long as your stuff is related to Tommy Joe in ANY way feel free to post it here!And the pairing totally doesn't matter!!

You have a comm/new comm (and it's related to TJR in any way, shape or form) and want to pimp it here? Hell YES!! Go for it!

You are searching for a specific TJR fic and can't find it? Just ask! Maybe someone else will know where you can find it.